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Have you tried using video AI to increase resolution or enhance quality? Most well-known is Topaz labs’ video AI, which enhance visual quality naturally and upscaling up to 8K through high performance AI models. However, users need to install software and high usage fees make it difficult for the average user to use. So today, I’d like to introduce ‘’, a video quality enhancement AI service that anyone can use easily by accessing the website.

Upgraded ‘’, with high performance video AI. had been serviced by beta version. A video technology company BLUEDOT made AI model to enhance video quality and upscaling, we designed UI and building a website to allow users to freely use our video AI. It was free but limited video length up to 1 minute. It Acquired a lot of users because BLUEDOT’s AI model processes video noticeably faster rate with excellent results.

Also, new version of applied upgrade AI model that improved performance with fast processing speed. In previous version, we had a Speed AI model or Quality AI model, but this version, BLUEDOT developed the new AI model with high speed and high quality. So users can have results excellent quality but processing fast. (need 1-3min for converting 10sec video length).

Improved UI to make it easier for everyone use AI.

Other thing to note is that we’ve designed a customized UI with focusing on users’ experiences. In the workspace where you can process videos, we divided videos into ‘Recent Videos’, ‘Converted Videos’, and ‘All Videos’ so that you can distinguish your footage from others, and don’t forget your processed footage, we marked each video download status. Since is a cloud-based service (SaaS, Software-as-a-Service), it is difficult to keep data for a long time, so users must download to protect footage before it is deleted.

New provides optimal video enhancement and upscaling that takes into account the type of video. Into the page to set options after upload the footage in the workspace, you’ll see a window that you can check what type of video content. It is necessary step to optimize Ai model for the type of videos to produce best results.

In addition, “denoise” to removes noise, “add noise texture” to adds noise to enhance the texture’s natural feature and add vintage mood, “Face Enhancement” to enhance only human face. These AI models are configured to apply optional AI as the same as the previous version, so that you can create your own personalized video results.

Use it anytime, anywhere, any device!

What is so great about a website-based service? You are available anytime, anywhere, if you have an internet connection. Especially in this day, you can use the internet while walking, this is a huge advantage of web-based services. In this update, “” will be available not only for PCs, but also for mobile, tablet. Because you can use on any device, enhance video quality on the go.

Now’s all AI models are converted to paid services, so we are trying to make sure that we’re providing the best service as possible as we can. So we have incorporated all the things that heard from kokoon’s customers in beta versions, “We don’t mind being paid, please improve this!”. We removed watermark, and unlimited the length of videos that it was limited to 1 minute.

You can get 20 credits, which needs to convert videos, for free when you sign up, and we will give extra 20 credits to celebrate your first using of our video AI. Meet new and try it how much better and faster!

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