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The global broadcast exhibition, “NAB Show 2024” will be held in Las Vegas, from April 14th to 17th. It themed “Capture YOUR VISION,” is attracting a lot of attention from broadcasters around the world, and BLUEDOT will be exhibiting at the show to showcase its video technologies, including AI-powered video processing & high-performance AV1 / AVIF codecs.

<NAB Show 2024>

  • Date: April 14-17, 2024
  • Place: Las Vegas Convention Center, LAS VEGAS, NV
  • Booth Location: WEST Hall | W3612

BLUEDOT’s video technologies

1. AI-powered video processing

- BLUEDOT developed AI-based super resolution for video quality enhancement and upscaling. Video AI model, developed by. BLUEDOT, generates pixels from a footage for enhancing quality natural with details. It also upscaling to increase resolution of a footage by up to 4x the original, up to 8K. Especially, different types of video enhancement AI can optimize processing power for your content, allowing you to create content that delivers the best possible viewing experience for viewers.

- A video AI pre-processor before encoding, it optimizes a footage to reduce size of the video by 30% or more without sacrificing quality. BLUEDOT’s video AI processes a video before encoding, so it can be applied to any codec, and the optimized video has the same perceived quality but lighter in size. In same capacity, it is also available to handle higher-quality video, allowing for live high-quality video streaming.

2. High performance AV1 / AVIF codecs accelerated by semiconductor.

- AV1 / AVIF codecs, which are called the ‘next generation codec’, boasts 2x higher the compression performance than H.264 / JPEG. The codecs, which use for open-source, can deliver high image quality at about half the capacity of the codecs we’ve been using, so there’s a clear demand for them, but their slow encoding speeds have limited their use due to time and cost. We accelerated encoding speed of AV1 and AVIF by semiconductor technology, making them more time-and cost-efficient include easier to use. Especially, BLUEDOT’s AV1 codec has ranked top 3 best encoder at MSU benchmark.

BLUEDOT will also be showcasing video technology that accelerates the VMAF score, a measure of video quality, so you’ll be able to see the video technologies that essential to the growing video industry.

If you are interested in learning more about BLUEDOT’s products at NAB, please contact us below!

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